Wacker Mediation, LLC - Bio for Rick Wacker, Mediator

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Rick Wacker, Registered Mediator
& Attorney-at-Law

Type and Area of Practice:

I am registered with the Indiana Supreme Court as both a Civil and Domestic Relations mediator. My practice is located in the Indianapolis area in central Indiana, where I also serve as a mediator for the U.S. Postal Service.

Mediation Approach:

My approach is “facilitative” which allows the parties to fashion their own solution – one that best addresses their own unique needs, desires, and the circumstances of the dispute. My role is to act as a neutral third-party and to use various mediation techniques and skills to bring them to a point where compromise is possible. I will not reveal or impose my personal view on the merits of a dispute or try to obtain a solution that I may believe to be “fair” - I believe that “fair” is for the parties to decide. This is distinctly different from a mediator who uses the “directive” approach. That type of mediator believes that their role is to push for a settlement and this approach often requires revealing their own views on the relative merits of a case and/or guiding the parties to a certain resolution.

Background and Training:

  • NASD mediation training by the National Institute for Mediation and Training - New York City sponsored by NASD Regulation, Inc., Dispute Resolution Section (1998)
  • Treasurer, Indiana Association of Mediators (2007 - present); President (2005 - 2006); Member, Board of Directors (2003 - present)
  • Indiana Civil Mediation training (2003)
  • Indiana Family (Domestic Relations) Mediation training (2004)
  • Advanced Negotiation Training by Martin E. Latz (2005)
  • Advanced Family Mediation Issues Seminar - Northwestern University (2007)
  • Transformative Mediation training by the U.S. Postal Service (2007)
  • Advanced Mediation Training with Robert Benjamin (2008)
  • Advanced Mediation Training with James C. Melamed (2010)
  • Advanced Mediation Training with Forrest "Woody" Mosten (2011)
  • Advanced Mediation Training with Lee Jay Berman (2012)
  • Advanced Mediation Training with Zena Zumeta (2013)
  • Assistant Trainer and role-play coach for various mediation training classes
  • Juris Doctor - Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis, Indiana; Bachelor of Arts - Indiana University - Bloomington, Indiana

Other Employment History and Affiliations:

  • 30 years of Corporate legal experience - retired as Associate General Counsel from American United Life Insurance Company, Indianapolis, Indiana (2002); Practice areas: federal securities law, broker-dealer compliance, contract law and litigation management
  • Secretary to the Board of Directors of OneAmerica Funds, Inc. (a mutual fund manager); Practice areas: fund compliance with federal and state securities laws
  • NASD Series 7 General Securities Registration and NASD Series 24 General Securities Principal Registration
  • Member - American Bar Association (Dispute Resolution Section) and the Indiana State Bar Association (Alternative Dispute Resolution Section)